Tri-Tronics Remote Training Systems

My theory on a working ranch cowdog is that he or she should not have to be equipped with an e-collar every time you take him or her with you to work cattle. I like my cowdogs to be willing to work and listen in a "natural way" and not have to be forced to listen or forced to take commands. There are times in my work that an e-collar on a dog is in the dog's way when they are working in corrals, pens or alleys. Plus, I want my young cowdogs to be able to take their time to think through a work situation without being intimidated by the fact that they are equipped with an e-collar.

Sometimes, people are too quick to stimulate their working cowdog and they take some or all of the confidence out of their dog. To me, it is wise to not be too quick to interrupt your young cowdogs thought process. After all, you want a savvy cowdog that can figure out the work and not a cowdog that is waiting for you to tell it what to do. Give your cowdog time to think and sort out the task at hand.

However, I do believe that an e-collar system is an important tool in the training process. I use my e-collar systems to put an easy retrieve on my pups or cowdogs. I also use my e-collar systems when I am teaching my cowdogs to work in teams. Teamwork may have times when you need three cowdogs working different areas of a gather or drive and to teach each cowdog their respective role or position – for example, one cowdog may be used to flank right, one to flank left, and one to bring up the drag (work the back of the herd). Another example of teaching teamwork would be to have 3 or more cowdogs going out on a gather and they are all to bring the cattle to me. Sometimes a young cowdog that is a strong header may try to circle to the front of the herd and turn the cattle back. I really like strong heading cowdogs, but it is important that they also learn that they must stay back and bring the cattle on and not just circle or keep the cattle from moving forward.

For some handlers, it is simply more convenient to have their cowdogs equipped with an e-collar at all times when they leave home to work cattle. For me, I prefer to teach my cowdogs to be easy to retrieve and to not have to be fully dependent on an e-collar to handle, guide or control my cowdog.

For more information, just google Tri-tronics or Garmin and you can read about all the latest training devices. To follow along with tips and techniques from me, you can follow along on my blog here on my website.

Training the Working Cowdog

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