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2012. I have a few virgin 2 year old bulls for sale. They are bulls I raised and grew for clean-up bulls. They are sired by a son of Future Direction. They are ½ or 5/8 Black Angus, with the balance of their genetics being black Simmental. A couple of these bulls will have just a tic of Tarentaise or Red Angus in them. They will be easy calving bulls with good growth and very efficient on feed efficiency. They represent progeny from my closed herd breeding program for the past 16 years.

November 2010 — Thank you to everyone that stopped by and looked at the cattle during the summer and this fall. I will have a few yearling and 18-month-old bulls for sale. I may have some 5-year-old to short and solid fall calving cows for sale after the first of the year. Give me a call or e-mail me for more information.

April 2010 — There are some 2008 fall born (October) bull calves for sale. They are sons of GLS Combination R2 (a SIMM/Angus sire), sons of Constitution N99 (Angus sire from Jorgensens) plus sons of a Simm/Angus bull I raised. All the fall bull calves are Simmental, Angus or Red Angus. All the bull calves are black and raised here at the home place. They have not been fed a grain concentrate ration. They were summered on grass. From late Fall 2009 and the winter of 2009 until Spring 2010, the bulls were on pasture and supplemented with fescue hay and ADM Mintrate Red Rumensin blocks. Birth weights on these bulls ranged from 65 to 82 pounds.

May 2009 — Thank you to everyone that purchased bulls this spring from Goldammer Ranch.

I also invite you to go to the American Simmental Association website and browse around the topics related to Simmental cattle or the American Angus Association website. If you are interested in learning more about Red Angus cattle and the Red Angus Association, you can browse the Red Angus Association of America at

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