Nutrition Program

Tammy’s Cowdogs uses dog food products supplied by Land O’Lakes Purina and ADM Alliance Nutrition.

Your Hangin' Tree Cowdog is more than just a dog. A cowdog from Tammy's Cowdogs is a critically essential business partner to your cattle operation and when not working he or she is your best friend. So they deserve to get off to a good start as a puppy and then get a quality meal every day of their life.

From Land O’ Lakes Purina, I use the Exclusive Performance dog food product. From ADM Allliance Nutrition, I use the Ultra-Select dog food product. A dog food product that is a little less cost per pound – yet high in energy - is the Land O’ Lakes Purina Red Flannel line of dog food products.

Investing in a high quality, highly digestive performance dog food is a wise investment. A healthy dog is easier to maintain and keep in better shape if he or she is fed a good dog food regardless of their age, stage of life or working conditions.

To keep up on nutrition or health discussions from Tammy’s Cowdogs, please just follow on my blog here on my website.

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