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I am in the process of putting my own working ranch cowdog training thoughts into a book or training guide. The book or guide will be very useful for folks of all ages—kids to adults. Keep an eye on my website for more details about the training book and when it will be available for purchase.

In the meantime, I still have for sale the book and video, Training the Working Cowdog, by Charlie Trayer. In 2008, when Mr. Trayer decided to retire from the Hangin' Tree Cowdog business, I purchased his business of Trayers' Cowdogs. Included in the sale of Trayers' Cowdogs were the rights to the book and video created in the mid to late 1990s. The information in the current training book and video are still available through Tammy's Cowdogs.

Training the Working Cowdog (Book & Video)

"Training the Working Cowdog" A Guide for Cowboys & Ranchers
by Charlie Trayer

Without a doubt, there is value in owning and using Tammy's Hangin' Tree cowdogs on the ranch, farm or in the feedlot. They are handy partners for finding, gathering, sorting, moving, doctoring, penning, or loading cattle.

The obstacle that prevents most cowboys, ranchers and farmers from enjoying the assistance and partnership of a cowdog is training — of both the human and the dog. Both the Training the Working Cowdog video (VHS tape or DVD) and book are designed to help cattlemen and women properly train their cowdog to acquire skills necessary to handle cattle in real-world situations (neither the book or the video are intended to help handlers prepare dogs for trials or to train dogs to work livestock other than cattle).

The book and video cover cowdog behavior, training tools, commands, starting dogs on cattle, basic cattle handling skills, handling dogs from horseback, side commands, using remote training collars and more. Real-world situations such as dog-breaking cattle, handling large groups of cattle, handling cattle in pens, loading, sorting, and driving cattle are covered.

The Training the Working Cowdog video is just under 2 hours in length. The book is 48 pages and contains photographic illustrations and step-by-step instructions. Both the book and video are exclusively available for sale through Tammy's Cowdogs, either here on the website or by calling (573) 782-4912.

  • Buy the video for $69.95 (DVD) — Currently Out of Stock
  • Buy the video for $69.95 (VHS) — Currently Out of Stock
  • Buy the book only $17.95
  • Buy the book & video set & SAVE! $82.50 (DVD)
  • Buy the book & video set & SAVE! $82.50 (VHS)

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Training the Working Cowdog

Training the Working Cowdog, A Guide for Cowboys & Ranchers by Charlie Trayer.

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