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Here’s what some customers and friends are saying!

Tammy's second annual clinic was excellent! She is a great teacher as well as a wonderful dog trainer. If you did not already know that she is a pro, the moment you see her take seven 6-month-old pups at one time to the working pen and have them all minding and paying attention, you sure figure it out. Tammy is patient, but firm and has a gift of getting her point across. She knows her dogs, their strengths and weaknesses and can be very helpful to a buyer in matching the right dog with the right situation. If you are looking for a working dog that comes with equally good support after the sale, I totally recommend Tammy's Cowdogs.

At PMI Nutrition, we pride ourselves on having a unique, top of the line dog food for each individual dog's needs. We offer a premium formula, top of the line ingredients and superb performance. When I first met Tammy, I realized her approach to cowdogs was exactly the same. When you first encounter one of her dog's you see the specialization that she is able to provide the rancher by maximizing the characteristics of each of the three breeds in the composite now famously recognized as Hangin' Tree Cowdogs. Recognizing also the effort she puts into breeding only proven performers, shows her dedication not only to continuing the legacy of the Hangin' Tree Cowdogs but to the rancher of today who needs quality partners to accomplish his work. It is a privilege for us at Land O'Lakes Purina Feed and PMI Nutrition to be a part of a premier facility such as Tammy's Hangin' Tree Cowdogs!

Kathleen M. Baska M.S., M.B.A.
formerly with - Land O'Lakes Purina Feed/PMI Nutrition

I became very interested in the Hangin' Tree Cowdog. When Tammy entered the business, I was very pleased to find out that she ranched on a sizeable basis and used the dogs in her day-to-day work. She doesn't just raise pups but develops young dogs by using them often both in the pasture and in the pens.
Her first clinic in October of 2008 was exactly what I needed to get myself and my pup started. Tammy is a great teacher-very high energy but also patient and speaks with good insight and clarity. She has excellent facilities, great cattle to work with, and some top trained dogs to work with the young ones. I attended just hoping to get some help with a Tri-Tronics collar and added control, but left after two days with my pup moving cattle with her older dogs. A great event and great value!

Craig Buford
Buford Resources, Inc.
Oklahoma City, OK

Outstanding Clinic. I'd never been to a cattle dog clinic, so I didn't know what to expect. There were dogs present that had been through all stages of training. The knowledge that Tammy brought to the clinic left me a definite foundation to start Molly with so that we could reach her fullest potential. Special thanks to Tammy and her family for such hospitality and for all the knowledge and advice that we were given. Hope to see you again soon.

Shawn Buhr

When we decided to try a Hangin' Tree dog it was because they seemed to have the size, athleticism, and trainability to make good cowboy dogs for big, rough country. Nick was on the payroll a month already at the age of 10 months when he started to surprise us. He "looked back" for two wayward steers and when one tried to leave he grabbed hold of it by the nose and stopped it. He has picked up easily on whatever we're doing, whether it's gathering, driving, holding a gate, or flushing cattle out of the brush. He has picked up voice commands as well as hand signals and rarely needs correction. He does what's needed, no more, no less, keeping the cattle calm and working respectfully. He's a heck of a dog and the reason we got a second one, Spot. At four months we have already started Spot in the pens, gathering and sorting cattle and clearing the alleys. He has shown strong heeling tendencies while working on the push and equal interest to go to the head when gathering. He has picked up two commands - out and down. For such a young pup, he shows a lot of desire and promise for working and has already made himself helpful. Both dogs arrived with their litter registrations, healthy and eager to work. Tammy has been a great person to work with in selecting a dog to fit our needs. When we have questions, she is always there to help us out. Thanks Tammy!

Sara and Slim
Kokopelli Ranch

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