Past Litters

  • Lacy (blue merle) and Jake (black)
    • Born: 1/14/10

The photos were taken 2/19/10 of the 9 pups in this litter (6 females, 3 males). It was their first day outside of their whelping area so they are not sure of themselves yet. The pups will be ready to travel to their new homes around March 25. Pups 1-3 will be more along the size of their mother and probably mature out around 35 pounds.

Puppies for sale
    • Red Merle Female 1, SOLD to OK
    • Red Merle Female 2, SOLD to NM
    • Red Merle Female 3, SOLD to Illinois
    • Red Female 4, SOLD to Florida
    • Red Female 5, SOLD to Florida
    • Black Female 6, SOLD to Kansas
    • Black Male 7, SOLD to Alabama
    • Red Male 8, SOLD to Wyoming
    • Red Male 9, SOLD to Wyoming
  • Current litter group photo
    • Photo taken 3/22/10
      Red Female 5, Black Female 6, Red Female 4, Blue Merle Female 3, Black Male 7, Red Merle Female 1, Red Male 9, Red Male 8 (l-r, t-b)

Past Litters

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